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Flexural Strength (AIM 332)

Flexural Strength (AIM 332)The Flexure Strength Testing Machines are designed to test flexural strength of concrete beams. The design provide maximum rigidity throughout their working range. The load is applied by the downward movement of the piston. A spacer is provided for testing different size of beams. The load is indicated on a calibrated bourdon tube type load gauge of range : 0 -100 kN x 0.5 kN

The load gauge is calibrated against National Physical Laboratory / National Council for Cement and Building Materials certified proving ring.


Flexure Testing Machines Salient Features:

  • Light weight, rugged high strength frame
  • Double action hydraulic pump
  • Self-aligning roller assembly
  • Hydraulic jack provided with retraction spring
  • For testing beams of 100X100X500mm and
    150X150X 700mm.

Suitable for operation on 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase, AC supply (For Electrically Operated Flexure Testing Machine).



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