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Universal Automatic Compactor (AIM 114-1) Ref Std : IS 2720 (Part 7 & 8)

Universal Automatic Compactor (AIM 114-1) Ref Std : IS 2720 (Part 7 & 8)Invariably in every soil laboratory, compaction and penetration tests on soils are carried out regularly. The electrically operated mechanical compaction process eliminates the tedious hand compaction process and results in a considerable saving of time. Two rammers with two different stroke lengths are provided. This makes the apparatus suitable to carry out all the normal compaction operations required in soil testing laboratories including the CBR tests.This is a new design motor driven mechanical compactor, useful for soil compaction in 100 mm or 150 mm dia moulds. The rammer travels across the mould and the table rotates the mould in equal steps on a stable base. The number of blows per layer can be set at the beginning of the test.Rammer - circular faced 50mm dia adjustable to 2.6kg or 4.9kg weight.Drop - Adjustable to 310mm or 450mm.Supplied with AIM 11001-MS and AIM 11101-MSThe equipment is suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz,Single Phase, AC supply.


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