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Unconfined Compression Tester, Proving Ring Type (AIM 074-1) Ref Stds : IS 2720 (Part 10), AASHTO T 208.

Unconfined Compression Tester, Proving Ring Type (AIM 074-1) Ref Stds : IS 2720 (Part 10), AASHTO T 208.Determination of soil shear strength is essential for designing the foundation of structures, soil and soil retaining structures, soil slopes, etc., Shear strength of soil depends on various factors and insitu soil conditions. Therefore, when laboratory tests in soil are performed to evaluate shear strength of soil, the insitu soil conditions and other factors should be simulated for obtaining meaningful results. For example, the Unconsolidated Undrained test on soil will yield the undrained strength, which can be used for finding the immediate stability of an excavation, whereas a consolidated undrained test with measurement of pore pressure can be used to evaluate the effective strength parameters of soil for designing the long term stability of an earth fill dam. It is well known that the engineering behaviour of soil depends on the effective stress and not the total stress. The effective stress can be calculated by measuring the total stress and substracting the pore water pressure from it. To cater to the needs of shear strength determination of soil, a range of equipment is offered, as listed in this section.


Shear Strength Measurement


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