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StarDAQ Data Acquisition System

StarDAQ Data Acquisition SystemAimil StarDAQ Data Acquisition System for Geotechnical  Data Acquisition, which complement the Geotechnical Analysis Software Suite.

System Hardware:

  • Up to 16 single ended analog input Channels as Standard
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • Accepts an input range of + / - 10V
  • Up to 256 ks /s sampling
  • Can easily be configured for 8 differential Or 16 single ended channels
  • Compatible with complete range of transducers For most of Geotechnical Tests
  • Also, available from 8 to 80 channels as per userrequirements optionally.
  • Also, a WiFi enabled 4 Channel version can be supplied optional.

The StarDAQ data acquisition Software:

The Microsoft® Windows© compatible Aimil “StarDAQ” data acquisition software allows for a variety of calibration methodologies to suit the type of test being conducted and the type of sensor required for conducting a particular test.

The Calibration Methods include the following:

  • Linear
  • Polynomial
  • Map Ranges
  • Table

The Data Can be logged based on

  • Normally progressing Time
  • Logarithm of time
  • Square root of Time
  • Change in value in any one of Channel to be considered as master channel


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