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Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) Flowability, J-Ring (AIM-334-J), U-Box (AIM 334-U), L-Box (AIM 334-L), V-Funnel (AIM 334-V), Flow Table (AIM 334-F)

Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) Flowability, J-Ring (AIM-334-J), U-Box (AIM 334-U), L-Box (AIM 334-L), V-Funnel (AIM 334-V), Flow Table (AIM 334-F)These tests are used to determine the flowability and passing ability of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) as defined in ASTM C1621. Passing ability refers to the ability of SCC, under its own weight (without vibration), to flow into and completely fill the spaces within an intricate framework, containing obstacles such as reinforcement bars.


This test method provides a procedure to determine the passing ability of self-consolidating concrete mixtures.The difference between the slump flow and J-Ring flow is an indication of the passing ability of the concrete. The test method is applicable for laboratory use in comparing the passing ability of different concrete mixture. It is also applicable in the field as a quality control test. It can also be used to investigate the resistance of SCC to segregation by comparing test results from two different portions of sample. The J-Ring test measures three parameters: flow spread, flow time and blocking step.The J-Ring flow spread indicates the restricted deformability of SCC due to blocking effect of reinforcement bars and the flow time indicates the rate of deformation within a defined flow distance. The blocking step quantifies the effect of blocking.


L Box to investigating the flow rate and passing ability of SCC (self-consolidating concrete) in confined spaces. It measures the reached height of fresh SCC after passing through the specified gaps of steel bars flowing within a defined flow distance. With this reached height, the passing or blocking behavior of SCC can be estimated.


The U Shape Box is used to determine the confined flowablity and the capacity of SCC concrete to flow within confined space. The box is made of steel frame consisting of three bars. In this test the degree of compatibility can be indicated by the height that the concrete reaches after flowing through an obstacle. The quality of the concrete can be judged by the height reached.


The V- Funnel flow time is the period a defined volume of SCC (self-consolidating concrete) needs to pass a narrow opening and gives an indication of the filing ability of SCC provided that blocking and or segregation do not take place, the flow time of the V-Funnel test is to some degree related to the plastic viscosity.

Flow Table for Self Compacting Concrete

Flow table is used to determine the flow of fresh mixed super plasticized concrete to high working. The slump cone is placed centrally on the table of to be held position by standing on the two foot pieces. A wooden tamping bar is provided for lightly tamping for each layer.



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