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Pressuremeter/Deformation Modulus Apparatus (AIM 141-147)

Pressuremeter/Deformation Modulus Apparatus (AIM 141-147)Conventional methods, like Standard Penetration Test, Static Cone Test, Dynamic Cone Test, etc. are well established and do reflect the maximum strength of a  given layer of soil, but they give no idea of stress deformation behaviour of the concerned layer. Pressuremeter test fills this void.

The pressuremeter is an instrument for “in-situ” measurements of soil load / deformation parameters.

Applications :

An efficient and economical tool for the evaluation of  most ground engineering problems and in particular :

  • bearing capacity of shallow and deep foundations, piles or caissons
  • settlement calculations of all foundations
  • determination of earth pressures on retaining structures
  • behaviour of laterally loaded piles

Models availabls:

AIM 141 Pressuremeter type ‘GA’80 bar capacity (AX Probe Outfit)
AIM 142 Pressuremeter type ‘GA’80 bar Capacity (BX Probe Outfit)
AIM 143 Pressuremeter ‘GA’ 80 bar Capacity (AX and BX Probe Outfit)
AIM 144 Pressuremeter ‘GA’ (AX Probe Outfit, Low Capacity)
AIM 145 Pressuremeter ‘GA’ (BX Probe Outfit, Low Capacity)
AIM 146 Pressuremeter ‘GA’ 80 bar Capacity (NX Probe Outfit)
AIM 147 Pressuremeter ‘GA’ 25 bar capacity (NX Probe Outfit)



Deformation Modulus


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