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Pore Pressure Apparatus ( AIM 077, AIM 078)

Pore Pressure Apparatus ( AIM 077, AIM 078)The Pore Pressure Apparatus manufactured by Aimil is designed according to the principles outlined in the book  “The Measurement of Soil Properties in the Triaxial Test” by A.W. Bishop and D.J. Henkel. This pore pressure measuring apparatus consists of a screw pressure pump, null indicator in perspex, pressure gauge, mercury manometer, volume change burette and the necessary connecting tubes and valves. It is used for measuring pore water pressure and pore air pressure in soils. It has many features which simplify the operation. The Null Indicator is made from a transparent perspex block. It is a simplified U-Tube Null Indicator, in which water can bypass mercury if null indicator is tilted; thus de-airing process by circulation of water is facilitated. All features enable a visual check to be made during the de-airing operation of apparatus. A mercury manometer and a pressure gauge of Bourdon Tube type are provided on the panel on which the whole equipment is mounted. Very small positive or negative pressures are observed on the manometer. A 50ml burette is clamped to a sliding bracket on one side of the panel. It is used for measuring the volume change in the specimen when subjected to confining pressure in the triaxial cell. We supply Pore Pressure Apparatus of 1000 kPa (10Kg/cm2) and 2000 kPa (20 Kg/cm2) capacities.


Pore Pressure Measurement


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