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Plummet Balance (AIM 057) Ref Std : IS 2720 (Part 4)

Plummet Balance (AIM 057) Ref Std : IS 2720 (Part 4)The Plummet Balance consists of a vertical rod mounted on a heavy base with levelling screws. A light weight pointer with pointed steel pivots, turning in jeweled bearings moves over a scale graduated in percentage units 0-100 in 2% divisions. The pointer is provided with a hook for hanging plummet.

The balance moves up and down over the vertical rod with the help of rack and pinion arrangement. A chart showing the relationship between K and Temp. of suspension of soils of varying specific gravity from 2.4  to 2.8 to help solve Stoke’s equation is provided. Supplied complete with one perspex Plummet, one measuring jar, one rider weight for zero adjustment and one rider weight for adjusting the pointer to 100%.

Salient Features:

  • Simple operation
  • Sinking of Plummet to right depth is all that is required before taking a reading.
  • Grain size distribution curve for the entire sub-sieve range of particle size is possible; which is not so with pipette method, where only specific sizes of particles can be determined.
  • Eliminates computations involved in Hydrometer Method
  • Percentage of soil in suspension can be directly read
  • Grain size distribution curve can be directly plotted as experiment progresses


Sedimentation Analysis.


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