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Natural Frequency Tester (AIM 389)

Natural Frequency Tester (AIM 389)The Natural Frequency Tester is used to identify the active frequencies of any structure. This equipment is particularly useful for structural testing of bridges and other structures in earthquake affected regions. Using this equipment, a building's or structure's design can be simulated depending on the natural frequencies found at the design stage, in cases where the natural frequencies coincide with potential seismic frequencies.This equipment allows all multiple frequencies to be used to excite a model structure and facilities the online measurement and storage of all results of the impact of the structure under such dynamic seismic like loading. The equipment consists of a Dynamic Signal Source, Power Amplifier, Exciter & Sensors along with a Data Acquisition System.The Dynamic Signal Source can generate variable frequencies with variable amplitudes. The selection of different signal types such as square, sinusoidal, triangular and random, etc. is also possible. The Power Amplifier provides sufficient energy to drive the exciter which will feed the required energy to the structure through a plunger and impact sensor.The Dynamic Data Acquisition System has a resolution of 16 bits with a very high sampling rate to sense the required parameters such as impact force and accelerometers to sense the effect of impact on the structure.


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