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Jolting Apparatus & Mould for flexural prism (AIM 421, AIM 422)

Jolting Apparatus & Mould for flexural prism  (AIM 421, AIM 422)The Jolting apparatus consists of a rectangular table, rigidly connected by two support arms to spindle at a horizontal distance of 800 mm from the centre of the table. The table can be raised and allowed to fall freely by a cam which is connected to a motor. The cam rotates at a rate of 60 rpm. A digital counter with sensor is provided, which stops the machine after 60 jolts. Locating pins are provided for mounting the mould compartments on the table. The mould, surrounded by the hopper, can be clamped rigidly to the table. Supplied complete with mould and hopper. Suitable for operation with 220V, 50 cycles, single phase, AC Supply.


Preparation of Flexural Prisms.


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