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Hydro Frac System (AIM 240)

Hydro Frac System (AIM 240)Aimil Hydro Frac System has been developed for application of In-situ stress measurement by Hydro Fracture Test at near surface and underground situations. The compact nature of Hydro Frac tool enables location of the tool in a section of test hole free of incipient weakness in the rock mass and as uniform as possible. This also means that the stress measurements can be made within a volume of rock small enough that stress gradient will not have a significant inpact on the measurement.The equipment is designed for operating upto a depth of 30m approximately consistent with a typical application envisaged and avoiding the need for any sophisticated “down holeâ€� Instrumentation.The Hydro Frac System consists of two manually operated Hydraulic Pumps, a USB Data Acquisition System, two pressure transducers, two pressure gauges, all of which are enclosed in a dust proof metal enclosure and is called the main unit. The controls of the equipment are located on the main unit in such a way that they are easily accessible to the operator. The main unit is mounted on a metal frame to make it convenient for carrying to the test site manually. The Installation rods are manufactured from stainless steel. The system can deliver dual hydraulic pressure upto 400 kgf/cm2. An Impression packer which is a very important part of the system is manufactured for use in diamond drilled Ex size bone  base holes.


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