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GeoStar the Geotechnical Software for Testing, Analysis and Reporting

GeoStar the Geotechnical Software for Testing, Analysis and ReportingThe analysis and reporting of following Tests can be performed
  • Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Test
  • Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test
  • Consolidated Drained Test
  • Direct / Residual Shear Test
  • CBR Test
  • One Dimensional Consolidation Test

These package of softwares are supplied as required by the purchaser and are accessed by an activation license supplied by Aimil, allowing the customer to build up a suite of software on an “as required basis” depending upon the need.

Common Features for all the tests:

  • The Software allows selection of British / Indian Standards for analysis as required.
  • Tests can be performed in SI, Imperial or metric Units
  • Clear and easy to use. Test information is presented on menu driven screen.
    Each package guides through the test procedure in a very user friendly way.
  • A database is set up to store and manage completed analysis records. Currently MS – Access is offered as default database. For other database systems like SQL etc.. such third party license is required to be obtained by the user.
  • The software directly reads the data format for
    analysis from StarDAQ.
  • An option to enter the data manually and save it in a format understood by “GeoStar” makes the system so flexible for those, who have only the experimental setup without the automatic Data Acquisition or Data logging system.
  • Extensive search functions are available based on Date of Analysis, Analysis done by different user accounts, or search based on duration etcc…. For
    easy retrieval of old data.
  • The default reports are generated automatically, in  crystal reports and can be printed directly. The  reports can also be exported to Word, Excel or  pdf formats and the usage is governed by the third  party license that are available with the users.
  • Customisable Report Header / Footer.
  • The inbuilt utilities include Master Unit Converter,  Unit conversion Calculator, besides the normal  and Scientific system calculators.
  • Database back up and restore facilities are available.
  • Complete User activity logging is available.


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