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Compression Testing Machines (All Models) Analogue, Digital, Micro Processor Based and Automatic Compression Testing Machines (AIM 302 - AIM 320)

Compression Testing Machines (All Models) Analogue, Digital, Micro Processor Based and Automatic Compression Testing Machines (AIM 302 - AIM 320)Concrete is a man-made material, essentially mixed at site. The properties of concrete depend on the properties of its ingredients and their proportion and it is likely to  vary from mix to mix. Tests must be conducted, therefore, to ensure that the concrete used is in accordance with design specifications. A frequent test, is the test of compressive strength, in which concrete samples are tested to failure.

Compression Testing Machines :

Aimil Series Compression Testing Machines are the finest of their types available. Their rugged construction and extreme simplicity makes it possible for even non- echnical personnel to operate them with ease and complete dependability. In particular, the portable units, which are small in dimensions, sturdy and light in weight, make quality control testing possible in areas where commercial testing facilities are not available and where the transportation of larger and much heavier machines would be difficult.

Aimil Compression Testing Machines conform to IS: 14858(2000) and calibrated with an accuracy of ± 1% as per the requirement of 1828(Class1) . It can also be supplied as per BS : 1881 and other associated International Standards. These machines are available in 50kN, 100kN, 500kN, 1000kN, 2000kN, 3000kN & 5000kN Capacities.

Compression Testing Machines Classification :

  • Analogue models.
  • Digital models with pace rate indicators.
  • Micro Controller based models with automatic pace rate controllers.
  • Fully Automatic models.

Salient Features of Compression Testing Machines are :

  • High stability.
  • Self-aligning platen assembly.
  • Load Gauges are calibrated in kN against certified Proving Rings, traceable to NPL / NCCBM.
  • Suitable for testing cubes and cylinders of various sizes.
  • Using special platens, bricks can also be tested.
  • Logged data printing facility through a parallel port interface available in digital and micro controller ased versions.
  • Calibration process accreditated by NABL (National ccreditation Board for Laboratories).
  • Machines with CE mark also available, on special equest.
  • Operator’s safety features like metal door with a erspex window and overload tripping device are  provided in all models.


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