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Asphalt Extraction ApparatusAutomatic (AIM 588)

Asphalt Extraction ApparatusAutomatic (AIM 588)The Asphalt Extraction Apparatus Automatic is used to perform reliable analysis on asphalt mixtures using noninflammable solvent as trichloroethylene and dichloromethane.It works on high speed centrifugal separation, dissolvent recovery and purification technology for extracting the asphalt from bituminous mixtures.The instrument has several safety features for its easy & trouble free operation such as Phase sequence alarm, overheating protection, high or low level protection, high voltage protection, timer etc. The centrifuge basket is made of aluminium alloy material supported by high performance thrust bearing for its long lasting performance. The dissolvent recovery and storage chamber is made of anti corrosion stainless steel. The extraction operation is completed in three steps i.e. Bitumen extraction, dissolvent recovery chamber cleaning and regenerated combined liquid dissolvent recovery.


To perform reliable analysis on asphalt mixtures


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